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21.2.2017 Family Day - Families and Households in Israel    list of tables   
21.2.2017 Last Names in Israel 2016    list of tables   
20.2.2017 Revenue Indices of Total Economy (Standard Industrial Classification 2011) According to VAT Data - December 2016    list of tables   
20.2.2017 Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying Production: October-December 2016    list of tables   
19.2.2017 Israels Foreign Trade in Goods by Countries - January 2017 Format Word  list of tables Format for Printing
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  Price Indices
 Published 15/01/2016 Last Month's Price Indices Means of Computation and Linkage
 Published 15/01/2016 Price Statistics Monthly
 Published 15/01/2016 Israel's Database of Prices and Price Indices

  Main Indicators
Updated to 16/02/2017
CPI Base 2016=100  January 2017 99.8  
CPI Change on previous month  January 2017 -0.2 %
Population at end of  December 2016 8,630.8 thousands
Percent of unemployed persons (seasonally adjusted)  December 2016 4.3 %
Number of job vacancies  January 2017 94,404  
Average monthly wages-Jobs of Israelis  November 2016 9,640 N.I.S.
Gross domestic product (GDP)  4 quarter 2016 313,191 N.I.S. millions
Consumer Confidence Survey  January 2017 -13.8 %
Total Business Tendency Balance  January 2017 19.8 %

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   Israel In Figures 2015 - Includes: Hebrew, English, Arabic   Well-being, Sustainability, and National Resilience Indicators (Statisti-lite)   Annual Data 2016  - No.67
Includes introductions and tables, diagrams, maps  
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