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26.8.2015 Data from the Social Survey on Recycling Waste - 2014 (Hebrew only)        
25.8.2015 Sales Value of Chain Stores Goods: May-July 2015    list of tables   
25.8.2015 National Expenditure on Civilian Research and Development: 2014 Format Word  list of tables Format for Printing
24.8.2015 Road Accidents with Casualties: July 2015    list of tables   
24.8.2015 Labour Force Survey Data, July 2015 Format Word  list of tables Format for Printing
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 Published 14/08/2015 Last Month's Price Indices Means of Computation and Linkage
 Published 14/08/2015 Price Statistics Monthly
 Published 14/08/2015 Israel's Database of Prices and Price Indices

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Updated to 24/08/2015
CPI Base 2014=100  July 2015 100.1  
CPI Change on previous month  July 2015 0.2 %
Population at end of  June 2015 8,371.6 thousands
Percent of unemployed persons (seasonally adjusted)  July 2015 5.3 %
Number of job vacancies  July 2015 82,438  
Average monthly wages-Jobs of Israelis  May 2015 9,361 N.I.S.
Gross domestic product (GDP)  2 quarter 2015 285,699 N.I.S. millions
Consumer Confidence Survey  July 2015 -19.8 %
Total Business Tendency Balance  July 2015 2.0 %

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Waste and Emission of Pollutants in the Manufacturingand Electricity Industrie 2012
ROAD ACCIDENTS WITH CASUALTIES 2014 - PART II: Accidents on Non-Urban Roads (Hebrew only)
Monthly Bulletin of Statistics - July 2015
COMPLETE LIFE TABLES OF ISRAEL, 2008-2012 (S.P. 1576) (Updated edition)
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   Israel In Figures 2014 - Includes: Hebrew, English, Arabic   Tourism in Israel 1990-2011 (Statisti-lite)   Statistical Abstract of Israel 2014  - No.65
Includes introductions and tables, diagrams, maps  
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