Various Presentations: 1999-2008
Israel in Figures 1999 (Acrobat)
Development of the High-Tech Industry in Israel, 1995-1999: Labour Force and Wages
(incl. some update till 2001) (Acrobat)
Immigrant Population from the Former USSR
Selected Data 1999 
Israel in Figures 2001 (Acrobat)
Foreign Trade 2001 (Acrobat)
Foreign Trade 2000 (Acrobat)
National Accounts 2001(Acrobat)
Foreign Trade 2002 (Acrobat)
National Accounts 2002(Acrobat)
Foreign Trade 2003 (Acrobat)
National Accounts 2003(Acrobat)
Foreign Trade 2004 (Acrobat)
National Accounts 2004(Acrobat)
Foreign Trade 2005 (Acrobat)  
National Accounts 2006(Acrobat)(Hebrew)
Foreign Trade 2006 (Acrobat)  
National Accounts 2007(Acrobat)(Hebrew)
Foreign Trade 2007 (Acrobat)  
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